The 1966 Season

Hailed as the "return to power" the 1966 season saw the start of the new 3 litre formula.
Some teams were more ready than others and as a consequence a wide variety of engines and chassis were used ranging from Ferrari's new purpose built 3 litre V12 (312) to modified 65 season engines which were bored out to 2 litres.
There were also various 4 cylinder Climax engines plus a 2.4 litre V6 (246) Ferrari based on the "Dino" engine.


Bruce McLaren had served his apprenticeship with Brabham and Cooper. For 1966 he decided he wanted to build his own cars and thus was founded one of the most well known names in racing to this day.
The McLaren for 1966 was the M2B designed by Robin Herd and powered by an Indy Car based Ford V8 of 3 litres. As the season progressed McLaren would try out the Serenissima V8 but returned to the Ford V8 which gave him most success including a 6th place in the British Grand Prix and a 5th at Watkins Glen.