The 1966 Season

Hailed as the "return to power" the 1966 season saw the start of the new 3 litre formula.
Some teams were more ready than others and as a consequence a wide variety of engines and chassis were used ranging from Ferrari's new purpose built 3 litre V12 (312) to modified 65 season engines which were bored out to 2 litres.
There were also various 4 cylinder Climax engines plus a 2.4 litre V6 (246) Ferrari based on the "Dino" engine.


The "Owen Racing Organisation" otherwise know as BRM was one of the teams caught on the hop.Tony Rudd who was the chief designer at BRM made the fateful decision to build the complex "H16" engine. Although the engine
promised an abundance of power the reality was that the engine's weight negated any power advantage. Besides this it took longer than expected to build and develop which meant the team starting the season with last years V8 engines modified and bored out to just under 2 litres.
When the H16 finally did arrive it was mated to the new P83 chassis. In the mean time the older P261 chassis was used in conjunction with the 2 litre v8.
The P261 in the hands of Jackie Stewart won the Monaco Grand Prix while Graham Hill was placed 2nd at the Dutch Grand Prix and 3rd at the British Grand Prix but from then on good results were thin on the ground.
Another P261 also with the 2 litre V8 was privately entered by "Team Chamaco Collect" and mostly driven by Bob Bondurant.