The 1966 Season

Hailed as the "return to power" the 1966 season saw the start of the new 3 litre formula.
Some teams were more ready than others and as a consequence a wide variety of engines and chassis were used ranging from Ferrari's new purpose built 3 litre V12 (312) to modified 65 season engines which were bored out to 2 litres.
There were also various 4 cylinder Climax engines plus a 2.4 litre V6 (246) Ferrari based on the "Dino" engine.


While other teams were arguing with the governing bodies and trying to get the 3 litre formula changed to 2.5 litres, Ferrari just got on with it and produced an all new 3 litre V12 to be known as the 312.
John Surtees was Ferrari's top driver and was given the car to start the season. Lorenzo Bandini had to make do with a 2.4 litre V6 based on the "Dino" mounted in last years chassis to start the season. But despite this Bandini almost won the Monaco Grand Prix but had to retire with throttle linkage problems.
In the next race at Spa-Francorchamps the 312 and John Surtees was unbeatable. Mike Parkes driving the second 312 scored a creditable 2nd at the French Grand Prix. Unfortunately Surtees and Ferrari parted company before the French Grand Prix but the 312 went on to dominate the Grand Prix of Italy at Monza coming home 1st and 2nd in the hands of Scarfiotti and Parkes.